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Silly Sushi all the way!

March 13, 2012


Tales From An Open Book

Monday was Silly Sushi, the first big event during our Silly Week programs! We could have offered this three times over and STILL had waiting lists. With a little preparation, we had yummy goodies waiting for the kids who immediately got their hands sticky and dove right into the sushi!

With bowls full of gooey rice crispie treats, fruit roll ups, swedish fish,gummy worms, coconut and lots of sprinkles, we started rolling.  Not only did we make (and safely cut) “california rolls”, we invented our own candy sushi designs and even learned a few Japanese words.

The afternoon was a big success and everyone went home with Bento boxes full of their creations. Can’t wait until tomorrow’s Superhero Storytime!

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Artistic Photography कलात्मक छायांकन आर्टिस्टिक फोटोग्राफी

March 13, 2012

5-Mar-12 Food

March 5, 2012


The Paleo Junkie


2 eggs, scrambled

4 strips bacon

coffee, black

Lunch – Chop’t, Pine St, NYC

Shrimp Caesar salad with spa (lite) dressing *canalo oil, though 😦 *

Mid-afternoon Sleepiness Cure

Large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with cream and sweet ‘n low


5 meatballs in red meat sauce


Bartlet pear

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